"Detect and act: Learn  how to reduce online vulnerabilities"

Whitepaper - A pragmatic view on managing security vulnerabilities.

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What's in the whitepaper?

Whether you're just trying to figure out if vulnerability scanning is something for you, or you're already in the process of picking a solution, you'll learn a lot. We gathered tons of market data that will allow you to benchmark your situation against global market evolutions. On top, you get ready-to-use checklists to build your own vulnerability scanning plan as from tomorrow!
Clear definitions of important buzzwords in IT security. You hear them all the time, but do you actually know what they mean? 
Insights and figures about what your competitors are doing about security and how they cope with vulnerability management
Checklists you can use right-away for preparing your own action plan  and building a solid vulnerability scanning policy for your company

About the author


Christophe Verhaeghe
Business Unit Manager Security, EASI

Christophe has been managing IT Security projects for EASI since 2009. His passion for helping SMB's with security matters flows through in the expertise he provides. Feel free to connect with Christophe on LinkedIn

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Why securing data is not an easy job
Chapter 4 How to find your weaknesses
Chapter 2 Is security a hot topic for you?
Chapter 5 Define what you want the scan to do
Chapter 3 What are your options?
Chapter 6 Put your infrastructure to the test!