Welcome to SmartSales V2

Ready for the upgrade? 

Great! There are some things you need to know and others you will need to check before updating. Here you go!

FAQ - What do I need to know? 

  • Will I be upgraded automatically to this new V2? 
    No, don't worry. You may decide when you want to roll-out the upgrade for all or some of your end-users.
  • Can I keep on using V1? 
    Yes, you can continue working on V1 as you do today. You can also decide to install the new V2 app alongside the V1 (on the same iPad) if you need to. However, we plan to stop support for the V1 within a few months (but not before the end of 2018 anyway). 
  • Can I decide to upgrade on my own?
    Technically, yes. The app as been through a long validation process these last months. However, since SmartSales is often a business critical application, we advise you to discuss this major update with your consultant to establish a roll-out agenda and anticipate the potential issues (pre-reqs, end-user impacts due to app changes, possible end-user training, ...).
  • Can I download the app?
    Yes, the app is available in the appstore.

FAQ - What do I need to check?

  • Do your end users remember their password and login information? 
    When installing the V2, each user will have to login again, so ensure your end users have their password not too far away.
  • Do I have the correct version of iOS on my iPad?
    SmartSales V2 requires iOS 11 or iOS 12.
  • Do I have enough space on my iPad?
    If you decide to keep both app V1 and V2 alongside on the same iPad, ensure you have enough free storage on your iPad, since app content will be duplicated too.
  • Avoid performing the upgrade on 3G/4G 
    Prefer installing the new app while connected to a WiFi network to allow downloading your data faster and also to avoid 3G/4G over-consumption...

What if I need help using the new app? 

Our consultants are ready to help you during this transition. As said previously, we recommend you to contact your consultant before you start the process. 

On top, we provide trainings to get you and your team up to speed. These kickstart trainings are tailored to your needs and meant to help you reach your full potential as quickly as possible. We hope to see you there. First in, first served! 

Put in your bookmarks to stay tuned about upcoming dates!